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BoldBrush helps you discover inspiring art and connect with great artists.
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Laura Robb

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Keith Bond

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Josh Elliott

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Greg LaRock

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Richard Oversmith

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Keiko Tanabe

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Brian Blood

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Timothy C. Tyler

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Kevin Macpherson

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William Schneider

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Matt Smith

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Logan Hagege

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About BoldBrush

We've realized art needs a social networking home. BoldBrush is a new, beautiful art-focused social network, by FASO, where people can actually focus on art. While Facebook, Twitter and friends are great, we need at least one place where art and inspirational discussions don't have to compete with cute cat videos, political rants, and off-color animations. We need a social network that is all art all the time. A social network that is all about inspiration and fits with our mutually shared mission to inspire and connect the world's artists and art lovers.

So we created a new, beautiful, art-focused social network where people can actually be inspired by nothing but art.

We hope you'll Share Art and Be Inspired.